PRJNA256026 - Flowers

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PRJNA256026 - Flowers

"The goal of this study is to obtain Next Generating Sequencing-derived flower transcriptome (RNA-seq) of the unisexual flowers of Quercus suber and perform comparative RNAseq analysis to identify determinants of unisexuality."

FASTQ files were obtained from the NCBI database using the SRAtoolkit-2.9.4. Tags were removed using TagCleaner-0.16 and high quality reads were filtered using Trimmomatic-0.38. Mapping to the reference genome of Q.suber (NCBI Sequence Read Archive SRP111728 (2017)) was performed using Gmap-2018-07-04 and gene expression in TPM (transcripts per million) was calculated using the counts obtained from featureCounts included in SubRead-v1.6.3.

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PRJNA256026 - Flowers
Program Version
Gmap-2018-07-04, SRAtoolkit-2.9.4, SubRead-v1.6.3, TagCleaner-0.16, Trimmomatic-0.38
Date Performed
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 10:06
Data Source
SRS666753Male flowersNot setThis biomaterial: SRS666753, was created for the analysis: PRJNA256026 - Flowers
SRS716795Female flowersNot setThis biomaterial: SRS716795, was created for the analysis: PRJNA256026 - Flowers