External Resources

PHENO - The [PT] BrAPI endpoint

Implementation of the Breeding API (BrAPI) provided by the Portuguese node of ELIXIR. PHENO aims to provide access to plant phenotypic datasets, with a major focus on the woody plant domain.


APCOR - Associação Portuguesa da Cortiça

APCOR is the employers’ association of the cork sector that represents, promotes, divulges and carries out research in the Portuguese cork industry.


Oak Genome Sequencing - OakGenome.fr

Work on the genome of a species of oak tree native from Europe (Quercus robur, the pedunculate oak) began in January 2012. It was conducted by a French consortium led by Christophe Plomion at INRA Bordeaux. Few years later, this genome has been sequenced, assembled and annotated. In its last version, the consortium characterized around 26,000 genes and estimated that 50% of the 750M bp of haploid genome was made of repetitive elements.


Tree Genes: A Forest Tree Genome Database

The Dendrome Project and associated TreeGenes database serve the forest genetics research community through a curated and integrated web-based relational database.


CorkOak DB: EST Project

Previous version of the CorkOak portal with the data from the EST Project.