Welcome to the Cork Oak Genome Portal

CorkOakDB aims to integrate the knowledge generated from fundamental and applied studies about Quercus suber, with a focus on genetics.

Quercus suber (cork oak) is an important tree species from the Mediterranean region, mostly known for the sustainable production of cork and its distribution on protected ecosystems known as “montado” (in Portuguese) or “dehesa” (in Spanish).

CorkOakDB features the first draft genome of Quercus suber, released in 2018 by the GENOSUBER consortium, and allows genome browsing and gene search. It also incorporates other types of data from cork oak scientific research, including gene expression data from publicly available datasets.

The knowledge of the genetic structure of cork oak is essential for the future development of innovative breeding and production strategies. From here on it will be possible to identify and study genes involved in the acquisition of traits of interest, such as cork production or resistance to pests. The genome sequence now available will also serve as a reference for sequencing other trees and identifying genetic variability related to characteristics of interest. This portal is intended to become a repository of data originated by scientific research in multiple areas.

CorkOakDB is developed and maintained by the BioData.pt infrastructure.


You can search transcripts by EST ID in this portal.